The New Kid at TYA

By Kate Bemis – Age 8

I’m new to Theater for Young Audiences, but I love it. Luckily, I already knew Ella, and by working with the rest of the cast I made a lot more friends. If you haven’t been in a play before, let me tell you, it’s a lot of pressure. You have to know what to say, wear and express. You also have dances to memorize, but at TYA, you’ll have a great team to help you.

Even though plays are hard, they are also fun. You’re making people happy. I like the role I play. Being a Weasel’s cool. I have a unique character who is sly, sneaky, and a lot of fun. I like the songs and dances we perform. They’re essential to the play. I also love to sing and dance. I like the team: Larissa, Chloe, Hilary, Rachel, Arden, Hannah, and the DITs (directors in training). The costume and set designers were really nice.

So, TYA is awesome. I made a lot of friends and I’m having a blast. Thank you, TYA!


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